Day tours​

Galilee – Following Jesus’ preaching years​

Our tour begins at the Annunciation basilica in Nazareth, where St. Mary’s home was. We shall see the excavations site and the impressive new basilica that was built on top of it.

Around the church we will watch the many paintings of St. Mary each of them from a different country.

We will head to Tabor hill and visit the beautiful church of the transfiguration that the gifted Italian architect Barlucci designed. A short drive from there and we will come to the sea of Galilee where Jesus preached.

First, we will visit the newly opened site of Magdala where Mary Magdalene came from. There we learn about the day-to-day life in this region in the time of Jesus and see the beautiful new church. In Capernaum, we will see the house of Peter’s mother which from very early on became a site for prayer. To the side of which stands the synagogue that Jesus attended and above it stands the modern unique boat like church. On a small hill viewing the lake we shall encounter another church designed by Barlucci, the Beatitude church that is dedicated to the Mount Sermon.

Near the shore stands the bread multiplication church where an old mosaic which portray this story was found.

Just aside we find Peter’s Primacy church where Jesus hosted his disciples for a fish meal.

On our way back we shall stop at Ginosar. There an original boat from Jesus’ times was found and carefully preserved.​