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Welcome to Israel – the tiny country with enormous treasures.

Israel is home to some of the most important and holiest sites in the world for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bahais alike.

The existence of this small country marks the milestone of the Zionist dream to rebuild the Jewish state. Within it you will discover many beautiful examples of a variety of architectural styles - from the Bronze Age, the Roman period, crusader styles to 20th century Bauhaus. With spectacular desert views and the lowest Salt Lake in the world, there is so much to experience here.

With a wide variety of excellent restaurants and unique art shops, you need only state your preferences and we will create a dream tour fit just for you; whether you enjoy hiking or prefer soaking in the view from the car coach, simply contact us and your Israel experience will begin.

כיצד הצליחה מדינת ישראל להחזיק בנגב למרות שנועד למדינה הערבית
נבקר במצפים שהוקמו ב1943 ונראה את מפעל המים המיוחד שהוקם ברביבים, נבקר ביישובים שעלו ב1946,

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