Day tours​

The Golan Heights – heroic past and complicated present.

The Golan Heights area is well known for the heroic battles that took place during the 1973 war. This tour is focused on military history and geopolitics. We will begin at a wonderful observation point on the Bental mountain, from where a big portion of the Golan heights can be seen, allowing us a wide and deep look into Syrian territory.

This view will give us a good basis to understand what happened in this area during the years of the civil war and to try to understand the present situation. We will head down the mountain to the "Valley of Tears”. From there we will analyze the important deadly four days of tanks battle that took place there during the “yom kippur war”. This heroic battle being a very important part of the Syrian failure. From there we will climb the Hermon mountain which was captured by the Syrians on the first day of the Yom Kippur War and recount the heroic uphill battle of the Golany infantry brigade to reconquer it.

Downwards from the Golan Heights we will stop at Tel Faher, where in 1967 there was a stronghold of the Syrian army which was crucial in the effort to open the routes to the Golan Heights. Our last stop will be at Kibbutz Dan. On the first day of the 1967 war the Kibbutz was attacked by armor and commando Syrian units and no Israeli army unit was there to stop them. The Kibbutz residents fought alone and managed to thwart this effort. Duration: a full day by car interspersed with short walks